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What do I need to bring to class? 

A current copy of your dog's vaccination records, a 4 or 6 foot leash, a collar or harness, training treats* and a treat pouch, and cleanup bags.

*training treats: what is most important is novelty, rotate treats every few weeks (before they start to lose interest in them). Also carry different value treats while out for a walk, keep the treats separated so they all don't just become the same treat to your pup. 

What will training be like?

Training varies depending on who else is in your class and what your dog responds to best. Generally speaking, there will be a little bit of play time to run off extra energy/stimulate dopamine, structured learning, reviewing the skills (behaviors & markers) and learning what reward system works best for you and your dog. Dog's humans will be present and involved in training classes. To learn more read Our Philosophy.

What will my dog learn?

Below is a list of focus areas that are included but not limited to:

Reminder each class is tailored to the individual dog!

What vaccinations are required to participate in training classes?

To participate in training classes we require to see up-to-date documentation of age-appropriate vaccinations including:

Are their vaccinations expired? Visit Petco Veterinary Services to find a convenient Petco walk-in vaccination clinic.

What is CGC? 

At the AKC, we believe that all dogs can be good dogs, and all owners can be great owners: all it takes is a little bit of training, lots of love, and of course, plenty of praise along the way. 

That’s why we created the Canine Good Citizen™ (CGC) program: a two-part course designed to help you and your dog be the best you can be–together. Since 1989, over 1 million dogs and their owners have participated in CGC, mastering ten basic skills that instill confidence and good manners in and out of your home. 

Not only does CGC training create long-lasting trust between you and your pup, but also ensures you’ll be good neighbors and friends to everyone around you—and, if you’re interested in going beyond the basics, CGC also lays the foundation for other AKC sports and activities like obedience, agility, tracking, and performance events. 

Learn More: https://www.akc.org/products-services/training-programs/canine-good-citizen/

Who can participate in CGC?

There are no age limits for participating in the Canine Good Citizen program. The only stipulation is that a dog must take the test with his owner. If a dog is in a shelter or foster situation, he can still learn the skills needed to pass the test and be labeled 

Even though a dog may start CGC at any age, puppies are sometimes developmentally more suited for the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy program. 

Does my dog need to retake the CGC test after a certain amount of time?

Once you and your dog pass your CGC exam, there is no AKC requirement to retake the test. Some therapy dog groups and insurance companies will ask to have a test that is current within 2 years. Regardless, we always encourage you to keep training and trying new activities with your dog so you can continue to bond, provide mental stimulation and exercise. 

What does passing the CGC get me and my dog?

Not only will you and your dog understand the basics of dog training, and master skills like sit, down and stay, some homeowners’ insurance programs or hotels offer discounts for CGC dogs, and an increasing number of apartments and condos see passing the CGC test as a major bonus for becoming a resident. 

Additionally, you’ll be in a better position to pursue a variety of dog sports. After going the CGC training, you and your dog will have stronger communication skills, making future sports easier to learn.

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