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A reward encourages repeating a specific behavior.

A reward helps to make learning fun.

A reward can be a food treat, toy or real life reward, and can be accompanied with praise.


Praise Is a type of reward. Praising your pup when It Is learning a new skill or caught doing something right, Is part of Relationship Centered Training. This type of learning encourages the dog cooperate In an enthusiastic manner.

When we teach our dogs new skills, we will be pairing treats with praise. This can be given as verbal praise, soft toothless smile and physical expressions/upbeat demeanor, which plays an Important part of developing a relationship with your dog.


Consistent signal predicting reinforcement. This can be a word, or sound or can be a visual marker for deaf dogs. It Is a clear way of communicating that the behavior your dog Is currently doing Is a behavior we'd like to be repeated.

Charging the Marker

I typically use the word "yes" as a marker word (this can be replaced with a click or visual marker for deaf dogs).

  • Say the word "yes", with a little emphasis, and then go silent.

  • Wait a second and deliver a very tasty "high value" treat.

  • When delivering the treat keep placement close to your body and not extended out away from your body. This will communicate/reinforce where you want your dog.

  • Repeat this 10-15 times by marking and treating.

  • Try moving a few steps and then mark and treat.


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