In-Person Training

Baltimore k9 Tutors always wants services to be accessible to those who need them! As needed, please feel free to ask about our SLIDING-SCALE COST options.

Behavior Modification Is Possible

Learn to communicate with your dog with In-Person Training

Private Instruction

Individual 1:1

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Group Instruction

(3-6 dogs)

Personalized: We create our classes based on the individual (dog) in front of us.

Team Rua

"We've worked with a couple of trainers and Hannah at BK9T is by far the best and most effective one! She is so responsive and knowledgeable and we leave every session with new things to work on. Outside of the weekly sessions, she continuously sends resources, tips, and ideas and our enrichment game has never been stronger. Highly recommend Hannah for basic training, group training, and reactive dog training."

Supportive: Unlimited text support between sessions

Team Luna

"Hannah is very knowledgeable, professional, and you can tell she really loves dogs! We reached out to help learn some tools to use with our reactive dog, Luna. Hannah really took the time to go at Luna’s pace and Luna quickly became sooo excited to see her each time! She is extremely easy to reach (text,calls,slack) and flexible (in terms of scheduling)! Hannah came prepared each time with tools and tips to make each meeting was very productive. She shared videos between sessions that related to what we were working on to help further explain and provide examples. I highly recommend Boston K9 Tutors and your dog will thank you!"

Effective, Humane Methods

Team Owen

"I have worked with many trainers through fosters and my own dogs but Hannah takes the cake. Even before our first call, Hannah sent resources for my reactive dog then walked me through his behaviors to find the underlying reasons. I then attended a reactive group class and the positive change we saw in all the dogs was amazing. She is so considerate of not only her human clients but especially her 4-legged clients. She explains things in a way that make sense and constantly provides support, resources, and compassion. It can be difficult to find a trainer that believes in positive reinforcement, especially one that works with reactive dogs, so we are SO grateful we found one as amazing as Hannah."

Team Qiqi

"Hannah is the true dog whisperer! My 3-month pup doesn't like his crate, but in 10 min Hannah got him to relax in it and we've made a lot of progress since then. Hannah also gives tons of tons of tips for literally everything from grooming, to behavioral issues. She also provides great support after training sessions so we can work on training continuously. Hannah came on great recommendation from a friend who trained their pup with her. I'm so grateful that we found her and are looking forward to our future sessions!"

A holistic approach to behavior


Enjoy your dog's curiosity & sense of adventure to help build trust and create a stronger bond.


Give them outlets to move, groove & express natural instincts.


Engage and stimulate your dog's mind through skills and and activities that cater to their well-being.

Accepted Payments

A.K.C S.T.A.R. Puppy, Canine Good Citizen Evaluation, AKC Urban CGC Public Access Test, AKC Community Canine

Dog Training Services & Evaluations Available in the Greater Baltimore Area

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