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Team Luna

"Hannah is very knowledgeable, professional, and you can tell she really loves dogs! We reached out to help learn some tools to use with our reactive dog, Luna. Hannah really took the time to go at Luna’s pace and Luna quickly became sooo excited to see her each time! She is extremely easy to reach (text,calls,slack) and flexible (in terms of scheduling)! Hannah came prepared each time with tools and tips to make each meeting was very productive. She shared videos between sessions that related to what we were working on to help further explain and provide examples. I highly recommend Boston K9 Tutors and your dog will thank you!"

Team Castle

"So far I’ve only had 1 session with Hannah, but already they’ve been so helpful! They are extremely knowledgeable about behaviorisms in doggies, and make their knowledge easy to understand. They are extremely passionate about this field & genuinely care! I look forward to our next session!"

Team Echo

"We worked with Hannah on cooperative care methods to help our dog through her fear of grooming. She took the time to get to know us and understand our needs, and then developed progressive steps to build In consent, choice, and positive associations with grooming. Our dog made huge gains and we can now dremel her nails and give her sponge baths without her running away/crying/panicking etc (this Is HUGE because she and extreme fear response to these things before). We feel so lucky and thankful to have found her!"

Team Moo

"Hannah’s patience with both me & my very exuberant puppy has helped calm both of us. Her training lessons & other important tips have made a life changing difference to me & my pup. We are so grateful for Hannah!"

Team Rua 

"We've worked with a couple of trainers and Hannah at BK9T is by far the best and most effective one! She is so responsive and knowledgeable and we leave every session with new things to work on. Outside of the weekly sessions, she continuously sends resources, tips, and ideas and our enrichment game has never been stronger. Highly recommend Hannah for basic training, group training, and reactive dog training."

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Team Owen

"I have worked with many trainers through fosters and my own dogs but Hannah takes the cake. Even before our first call, Hannah sent resources for my reactive dog then walked me through his behaviors to find the underlying reasons. I then attended a reactive group class and the positive change we saw in all the dogs was amazing. She is so considerate of not only her human clients but especially her 4-legged clients. She explains things in a way that make sense and constantly provides support, resources, and compassion. It can be difficult to find a trainer that believes in positive reinforcement, especially one that works with reactive dogs, so we are SO grateful we found one as amazing as Hannah."

Team Qiqi

"Hannah is the true dog whisperer! My 3-month pup doesn't like his crate, but in 10 min Hannah got him to relax in it and we've made a lot of progress since then. Hannah also gives tons of tons of tips for literally everything from grooming, to behavioral issues. She also provides great support after training sessions so we can work on training continuously. Hannah came on great recommendation from a friend who trained their pup with her. I'm so grateful that we found her and are looking forward to our future sessions!"

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Hank & Davey R. 

Boston, MA

"We got to know Hannah when our friends first got their dog Watkins, and we knew we would immediately be bringing our puppy to Hannah for training as she had done such an excellent job.

When we first got Hank we went to see Hannah the very first day and never looked back. She was attentive, extremely knowledgeable and her skills were immediately evident as people constantly praised our puppy Hank for being so well trained and well behaved everywhere we went.

We were able to see Hannah interact with many dogs and she always has an answer and a strategy to correct any bad behavior and train super well

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend. A+."

Frankie & Inna

Boston, MA

"Hannah, was Frankie’s first trainer at tender age of 11 weeks. I feel so fortunate that we happened to sign up for her class. Hanna has a special talent. It took her no time to teach Frankie basic commands.

It was amazing to watch her in action.

She’s very gentle and loving with the pups. We have taken classes with other instructors since and they were not as successful unfortunately. I am so excited to learn that Hannah is training again. We will definitely sign up and would highly recommend her to all the dog owners."

Mia & Sandra

Boston, MA

"Hannah is an excellent dog trainer! Hannah helped me and my son train my super crazy-hyper puppy (labradoodle), and gave us so much love and support along the way! Raising a puppy is NOT easy! I almost gave up but thanks to Hannah’s love and patience I did not give up, and now my fur baby Mia is an obedient, smart little lady! Hannah is a sweet, wonderful human being and I am eternally grateful for her! ❤️🐩"

Reco & David R.

Miami, Fl

"After receiving training from Hannah, Reco was the most well behaved dog I have ever seen. Hannah is an incredibly talented trainer. I saw massive improvements in behavior and obedience within a few sessions. She was always available and helpful. Hannah molded Reco into the best dog on earth!!!"

Bindi & Deb M.


"I contacted Hannah when I brought home my eight (8) week old puppy. Hannah gave me online lessons to educate me on basics such as housebreaking, feeding, and crate training. Hannah’s personality is very warm, honest, and professional. After following her instructions within a few weeks I had accomplished our goals. She still continued with check in calls even though I didn’t request more. I’m very grateful for all her patient help. Bindi is now 1.5 years old and is the companion I truly wanted."

Nash & Michelle

Boston, MA

"A good instructor teaches a dog, a great instructor teaches a dog and it's owner. I had the privilege of working with Hannah with our dog Nash. She was extremely knowledgeable, professional and very easy to get along with. Nash's behavior improved almost immediately and his tail was wagged with excitement every time  we met. I highly recommend Hannah and Boston K9 Tutors."

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