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Baltimore k9 Tutors' most affordable dog training plan! 

We believe in making low cost dog training available to everyone. Pack in Your Pocket is a monthly membership-based service offered on the Patreon platform, providing quick, affordable, and effective services from Baltimore k9 Tutors' multi-certified dog trainer. 

This membership is perfect for people interested in increasing their bond and communication, past Bk9T clients looking to refresh their skills, or anyone searching for affordable dog training. If you're looking for professional support and community connection, join us on Patreon! 

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Professional Support & Community Connection

With Pack in Your Pocket, Baltimore k9 Tutors can help you and your dog overcome plummets and plateaus. Members receive personalized responses to personal questions and have access to a variety of resources based in science. We cover things from house-training, over-arousal, reactivity, loose leash walking, new puppy/dog, and the most effective way to teach practical skills such as coming when called, visiting the vet, and more.

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With so much information out there it can be hard to know what information is credible or not. Join Baltimore k9 Tutors via Patreon to access support rooted in behavior science! Let me help you with a systematic approach to dog socialization & training.

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