Sliding-Scale Cost

Affordable Dog Training

Baltimore k9 Tutors believes that effective, ethical dog training with a certified dog trainer should be available to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status. 

The language below was provided by The Dog Behavior Institute. Thanks to their dedicated work to accessibility and commitment to their values, and based on their model, we offer the following sliding scale options:

What We Offer

Baltimore k9 Tutors sliding scale services are available on a first-come, first-serve basis each month.

We have set number of spots available for sliding scale enrollment each month. If a sliding scale spot is not available at the time of request, it can be reserved for a future month.

Please note that sliding scale programming is not a simple “discount.” If you are able to pay for full-price services, please do, this is how we can ensure that our sliding scale options are available for those who need low cost dog training.

How to Access

Our sliding scale structure is not based on income alone, and we do not require you to provide any “proof” of need. What you can afford is related to your finances, but it’s not as simple as how much money you make. To qualify for our sliding scale pricing, just tell us you would like to use our sliding scale option!

How do I choose what to pay?

The Green Bottle chart below expands our understanding of financial privilege and experience. Please use it to determine the level you’re able to invest in dog training services. See below for image description.

The Green Bottle infograph demonstrating a sliding scale of financial privilege and experience

Please check out The Dog Behavior Institute and their science based resources, courses and training here:

We can also offer payment plan options. Please reach out for more information!

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